DeathStar Lamp

im using :

Lamp from IKEA IKEA PS 2014 is is the small one for now , but i hope to buy the big one and do the samr with that.
How it looks IKEA Lamp

WeMos D1

MotorShield / Stepmotor

20 NeoPixels

what i should end with is : customized deathstar IKEA

When im done ill post the code and a video and a link to all parts

UPDATE 30/1-17
August 4 hmm ok, i just got some of the parts…
the stepper with spindel on is hard to track down… and is expensive (500dkk)
im not using WeMOS D1 (need to know more about it before i use it.)

Here is the new part list: (ill link to the items when im done)
arduino nano
some kind of motor controler
remotecontroll (IR)
10 NeoPixel strip (8x)
BlueTooth Controler for NeoPixel
stepper with spindel on

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